Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  Hibernian Supporters Limited (HSL) has been established with simple and clear objectives:


·      To raise funds to purchase shares in Hibernian Football Club, and


·      To hold those shares for the benefit of all supporters and the community.


There is strength in solidarity and the more funds we can raise the more shares we can buy.  We have a legally binding agreement with the Club that enables us to buy shares with the funds we raise.  This agreement is open ended and is not limited by the closing date like the option supporters have if they elect to buy direct.


We have the opportunity to own our Club and it is up to us all to take that opportunity and I would encourage you to visit our donation page and either make a lump sum contribution or sign up to a direct debit and pay monthly.  Either way you can be safe in the knowledge that the money contributed will go a long way to securing the future of our Club.


This is the start of the journey to something we as supporters have been calling for - FAN ownership.  Join us.



Kenny MacAskill, MSP











Hibernian Supporters Limited 2015

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