A Statement by Lord Martin O’Neil of Clachmannan


"Hibernian Supporters Ltd gives all friends and fans an opportunity to contribute financially and to have an equal say in the future development of the Club. This scheme represents a first, but vital, step in giving Hibs back to the community. The often justifiably criticised Board is providing ordinary punters with a chance to take democratic control in a transparent and financially responsible manner. We should seize it with both hands."




A Statement by Keith Brown MSP


" Fan/Community ownership has been popular in Scandinavia and wider Europe for some years now and indeed is becoming an ever popular model in the UK as well as Scotland. We only have to look at the Foundation of Hearts to see what can be achieved by a community that cares about it's local Football Club. It is fair to say that Football Clubs and indeed all Sporting Clubs are a valuable part of the fabric of our communities. For this reason I wish Hibernian Supporters Ltd as well as all supporters of other clubs embarking on a similar journey every success with their community/fan ownership initiative.





A Statement by Iain Gray MSP



“My work with the Hibernian Community Foundation has shown me the potential for good that Hibernian can bring to the wider community it serves.  Bringing the Club into the hands of supporters through HSL can only help deliver greater community benefit.  I fully support this initiative.”






A Statement by Tony Higgins, Vice President of FIFPro (Europe)


"In my capacity as Vice President of FIFPro Division Europe I regularly come across and share platforms with Supporters Direct Europe (SDE) an organisation which promotes fan involvement in the running of football clubs and is backed by the European Commission and UEFA. Supporter ownership and involvement is important because football supporters are the lifeblood of the game; economically, culturally and socially. Supporters more than any other stakeholder group make lifelong commitments to their clubs and invest in them on a long-term basis.


This lifelong commitment means that supporters have an interest in a football club that is qualitatively and quantitatively different to any other group. As such their involvement in the governance of football clubs brings an important added value, namely a long-term interest in its sustainability.


I support the involvement of Hibs fans in the ownership and running of the club. Hibs fans are a committed and passionate as any other fan groups I have met in Europe and I’m sure there will be a massive response to an initiative of this kind, particularly as it is backed by two of my former colleagues and Hibernian legends Pat Stanton and Jackie McNamara.


Many supporters across Europe, and indeed Scotland, have realised that this is the way forward for many of our clubs especially ones the size of Hibs. Supporters do not make money from football clubs they invest in them."  

Hibernian Supporters Limited 2015

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